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Welcome to Zeena Chat the home of the Patriots Survival Guide. Our guide covers everything from up-to-date information that we’ve put together to keep everyone well-informed and to cancel out all the misinformation from untruthful fake news like CNN, local affiliates, and newspapers. Immerse yourself in the latest news, opinions, survival tips, and a whole lot more, facilitated through engaging forums, podcasts, and all the online newsletters you can subscribe to.

This guide is sorted together in the following seven categories which you will find below. The Patriots survival guide will help better prepare you for what is ahead, as well as your survival and the survival of your family and friends.

2024 is a crucial year for our nation. We need to be prepared for anything that comes our way. This uniquely created guide, in the form of an eBook, is available only here on Space Sagas. For a (one-time payment) you can get exclusive access to the Patriots Survival Guide and our forum chatting community.

We stand behind President Donald J. Trump and what lays ahead!

Everyone wants to survive, what about you? What is coming won’t be for everyone!

The Patriots Survival Guide

Listed below are seven category listings of interest you can’t afford to miss. Select from any one of these categories. They contain valuable survival information and insight for you, your family and friends.

Here you will find information talking about the 2020 election steal and how Donald Trump is the rightful President of the United States.
Tired of all the censorship in your life? We are proud to present some independent forum communities to you that are free from censorship. These are active communities where you can meet like-minded people, and they are the best patriot forums. These forums support President Donald Trump and keep you informed of all the latest news and current events.
Tired of all the fake news? This comprehensive section will help keep you informed of the latest developments in the world and even includes links to all patriot-based podcasts and news websites.
View this section for tips on how to invest in precious metals which include Gold and Silver.
We all need to survive. This section will help you survive what is coming. You will find information on what to eat, your health, and protection for you and your family and friends.
We all need a good distraction once in a while. These links cover the breath from sports to entertainment. Want to explore? There are links to urban explorers. Or you could go trucking with a real life trucker. Or maybe learn about medical emergencies from people that made the wrong choice in life. Whatever it is you want, we have it.
Need a good laugh?  Here are some random videos of interest solely for your entertainment.

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Everyone wants to survive, what about you?  What is coming won’t be for everyone!Order Now